I.A. No.33 of 2019

___________________________________________________________________                                        Date                                      Order with signature of Judge 



Hearing / Priority Case:

1.     For hearing of main case.

2.     For hearing of CMA No.1641/2019.



22nd April 2022


            Appellants and their counsel are called absent, no intimation is received. On the last date of hearing also, no one was in attendance on behalf of the appellants and the following order was passed:

“Appellant and his counsel are called absent. No intimation is received. In the interest of justice the matter is being adjourned to be fixed after four weeks, when the counsel for the appellant shall come prepared to proceed with the matter. No further adjournment will be granted. However, if nobody appears on behalf of the appellants on the next date of hearing, instant High Court Appeal, which is pending since 15.04.2019 without any useful progress, will be dismissed for non-prosecution.”


Record shows that after having filed instant appeal on 15.04.2019 appellants and their counsel have not remained vigilant to pursue the matter, whereas, no restraining order is operating in the instant appeal and the judgment and decree passed in the instant matter either stand satisfied or the appellants have lost interest to pursue the appeal, which is pending before this Court without any useful progress. Accordingly, instant appeal is dismissed on account of non-prosecution alongwith listed application.    


           J U D G E


      J U D G E